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When signing up for DualRates, you have the option of a yearly subscription or making individual payments. A yearly subscription will renew annually on your initiation date until your subscription expires based on the selected number of installment years or you have canceled your subscription, which you may do at any time. Your renewal payment is processed automatically, which ensures that your service is always available. The subscription price is guaranteed not to increase during the life of your subscription based on the installment years selected.

One-time payments allow you to manually submit each payment as necessary to maintain your active service.

The fees and options are as follows:

  • DualRates Bundle - this is a bundling of all of the DualRates services listed below at a discounted price
  • DualRates Hosting Service - hosting services for your website and access to all membership administration functions
  • Domain Management - you have the option of maintaining your domain or transferring it to DualRates. If transferred, we will take responsibility for ensuring your domain name does not expire as long as you are hosted by DualRates. If you decide to leave DualRates, we will gladly transfer it back to an owner of your choice.
  • PayPal Payment Processing - if your club has a PayPal account and you would like to process payments on line, such as memberships, then you can sign up for this option. This option is not part of the PayPal service and you will still be responsible for any/all fees associated with the use of that service, such as transaction processing fees.



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